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How to start a blog and make money in 2019

Part One - Choosing your blog

Starting a blog can be very overwhelming. Just choosing a name seems to be an impossible task. Then you have to build a website, learn about SEO, write quality content.. the list goes on.

There are so many things you have to learn to grow a successful blog, but the learning curve to start a blog is a much larger task than most people expect. This is why the dropout rate for bloggers is so high. 

While many bloggers are self-taught, there are a ton of free resources that you can use to learn these different aspects of blogging. Because we are a website management company, we are offering this 5 part series on How to Start a Successful Blog in 2019.

My goal is to teach you from the ground up, from the very basics to more advanced web design. After finishing this series you will know everything you need to start a successful blog that makes money.

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Before You Start a Blog, Find Your Audience

Before You Start a Blog, Find Your Audience

Just because something is posted something on the internet, doesn’t mean it’s going to be seem. Before starting a blog, make sure you have a good audience. 

The first step to starting a blog is to find your readers through keyword research. 

Are you a mom writing wanting to start a parent blog? Or a model wanting to start a fashion blog? Whatever you choose to write about, you must consider who you are writing too. 

So who is your audience? How large is this group? What are they searching for? When you know these answers, it is much easier to grow your following. You can find these answers through keyword research. 

Let me give you can example of what not to do. 

My first blog

How I started and failed with my first blog

I wasn’t always a computer nerd! I used to work in sales and marketing. My girlfriends at the time (now wife) talked me into starting my first blog, The Entrepreneurs Journals! Little did I know, that was the start to my website development career. 

So why am I bringing up my old blog? honestly just to brag…. Just kidding! It’s because I learned valuable skills from my first blog that I still use in my website development agency today. One of those is building a website for an audience.

My target market for The Entrepreneurs Journals was startup companies, entrepreneurs (obviously), and small businesses. I assumed this was a good target, I wanted to write articles based on my sales and marketing experience.

I thought I had an audience that would want to read what I wrote, but instead, I just didn’t have an audience at all. The reason for this: startups and small business owners are not on the internet reading blogs throughout the day. I was targeting an audience that was not looking for me.  

I was getting frustrated because I was not getting any visitors. No matter what I did, my numbers stayed flat. 

Then I discovered SEO PowerSuite! 

I did some keyword research and found the search terms I was using was only attracting 1000 searches a month… No wonder I was getting no hits! I had a little more success with social media but I was just targeting the wrong group.

After more keyword research, I found a great audience with online entrepreneurs. This group was actively searching for information about starting an online business. All I had to do was put myself in front of them.

Unfortunately, I had to go back through my entire website and optimize it for these keywords. I pretty much had to rewrite all my content! 

But in the end, I was able to grow this blog to over 15,000 monthly visitors. Not too bad for my first blog! but this goes to show, if you don’t target the right audience, you won’t have a popular blog.

How to build a successful blog quickly.

If you want to make a successful blog quickly, you need to have a great keyword list. Creating a keyword list before you make a blog will help you build a blog website faster and with more focus. 

For most new bloggers, they learn about keyword research after they have already built their website and wrote most of their content. You then have to going back and spend hours redoing your work to add your keywords.

Having to go back very tedious work and takes a lot of time.  It’s worth doing it right the first time around.  With a keyword list, not only will you write with more focus, but you will also know the size of your potential audience.

In the image above, this keyword research tool shows the keywords, number of searches, expected visitors, competition, and cost per click. This is valuable information when running ads and writing content. I can see WHAT people are searching for and HOW MANY people are searching for it.

Why is this important:

I know my audience size. It would be pointless to write an article that only 7 people are searching for. When choose your list of keywords, look at the potential audience size. Aim to have your potential reach over 1,000,000. If your audience size isn’t large enough, you may not be able to grow a following large enough for a successful blog.

I know what they are searching. With tools like SEO PowerSuite, we can see the exact search terms people are using. When you know what people are searching for, you can use those search terms in your blog content to rank higher for those keywords.

Here is a free resource for your keyword research.

Free SEO Tool With SEO PowerSuite

There are a lot of SEO tools out there, my personal favorite is SEO PowerSuite. This is the best all-in-one SEO tools on the market second to SEMrush. It comes with 4 separate SEO tools that specialize in ranking tracking, keyword research, link building, and spying. 

keyword research tool for blogs

SEO PowerSuite has a great free version. I was able to use the free version of this tool for the first few years of my career. I now use the pro version for Zumm Web.

How to use SEO PowerSuite to find your blog audience.

Download the SEO PowerSuite apps, open Rank Tracker. 

SEO PowerSuite Keyword Research

Click on Keyword Research on the right side menu, then click the second option Keyword Suggestions. On the tab search bar, you can enter a keyword and the software will load suggested keywords based off similarity and popularity. Consider your audience and pick a list of keywords with a high volume of searches. 

For more information on in-depth keyword research, here is a full guide from link-assistant.com. 

After you finish your keyword list, continue on to learn How To Choose a Domain Name For a Blog.

How To Choose a Domain Name For a Blog

How To Choose a Domain Name For a Blog

Choosing a domain name for a blog can be one of the hardest steps when you start a blog. 

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