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Like everything else, websites need to be updated and maintained. For most small business owners, hiring a developer to do this work may seem out of the question. 

But are you really saving money by doing it yourself? How much is an hour worth to you? Most business owners set their value at $100-$500 an hour. So if you spend 3 hours working on your website, thats anywhere from $300-$1,500. Would you spend $50 a month to save you 3-8 hours of your time?

Zumm Web has website management plans that start at $50 a month. This allows you as a business owner to have a website developer on call for your website development and design needs. 

No more paying by the job or high monthly fees. Website management services should not break the bank, they should be an asset to make more money. 

Work directly with a dedicated web developer that develops and manages your website from the ground up. For all website concerns and needs, you make one call to your assigned developer. 

Leave your information in the form and a website developer will contact your directly to learn more about your needs. 

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Website Management Services
Starting at $50/Month

Unfortunately, technology doesn’t always work the way you want it to.
When you experience website issues, you now have a local developer to call.

Small Business Website
Management Solution

Monthly Reporting

Website traffic, rankings, conversions, social media reports.

Search Engine Submission

Sitemap submission to all major search engines.

Content Management

develop effective website content that is Search Engine Optimized optimized.

Website Updates

Keep everything up to date and working properly.

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